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At the core, Sea of Atlas lives and breathes to create art and design by hand. Run by the creative free-spirit Britt Fabello, the studio works with bold dreamers and adventurer seekers all over the world to help communicate their authentic stories. Our design work simply starts with two timeless tools—paper and ink—and ends with a product that has you stepping out loud and proud from the crowd. With our unique artistic approach, we wholeheartedly believe that by involving our hands in the process, the end result is always truly one-of-a-kind. So come along, join us in the handmade design movement!

Shop | Sea of Atlas

the shop

Our shop houses a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces made by hand. It is where we create freely from our souls and our able to fully express our artist side. There's always something different and new inspired by our life and travels. From tea towels to paintings, we have truly curated a bundle of goods that fit with your life and inspire you to live a life full with intention and love.


The Journal

As a space to explore the journey of a creative free-spirit, the Sea of Atlas Journal gives a further look into the every day life in and outside of the studio. Each post highlights the start to finish of studio's creative work, takes you along on many travel adventures, and ultimately aims to shine a light on a down-to-earth lifestyle. By sharing more behind the scenes and our way of living, the hope is to inspire others to get out there to chase after their own full and happy life.


our story

The studio started in 2013 when Brittany wanted to pave her own unique path in life by uniting her artistic soul and her knack for design. She has studied art in any form you can imagine—ceramics, screen printing, painting, graphic design. You name it, she has explored it. But when all was said and done, she graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and started her career down the path of freelance design. In time, she found that her inner artist was calling and she needed to get her hands a little more dirty. This revelation inspired Britt to get back to her fine art roots and start a movement towards handmade design.

Through its beginning years, the studio has twisted, turned, and evolved, but has always stayed on a positive and fulfilling path. As the studio continues to grow, one thing that will always stay strong is the belief in telling an authentic story and the importance of that story as the backbone to all design work.

Brittany Fabello | Sea of Atlas

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